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June 8, 2011 National Semiconductor's SolarMagic Chipset and Firmware Detect Hazardous Arc Faults in Photovoltaic Systems (Press Photo)
June 1, 2011 National Semiconductor to Showcase SolarMagic Safety Reference Designs and Products at Intersolar 2011
March 14, 2011 National Semiconductor Introduces New SolarMagic ICs for Microinverter, Power Optimizer and Charge Controller Systems (Press Photo)
December 6, 2010 National Semiconductor Debuts MYPVDATA SOC Web Interface; Advanced Analytics Improve Solar Energy Harvest
October 8, 2010 GESOLAR Sampling 'Smart Panels' Featuring National Semiconductor’s SolarMagic Chipset
October 5, 2010 National Semiconductor and Suntech Collaborate to Develop ‘Smart Panel’ Technology (Press Photo)
September 29, 2010 National Semiconductor and Solar Partners to Display ‘Smart Panel’ Technology at Solar Power International
September 8, 2010 National Semiconductor's SolarMagic Chipset Wins the Solar Industry Award for "Energy Usage Enabling"
June 9, 2010 National Semiconductor and Shoals Technologies Collaborate on Smart Panel Product Lines
June 9, 2010 National Semiconductor and QC Solar Sign Sales Agreement to Manufacture, Market Intelligent PV Electronics
June 9, 2010 National Semiconductor and Huber+Suhner Debut Smart Solar Products
June 9, 2010 National Semiconductor and GESOLAR Develop Smart Solar Panels
June 1, 2010 National Semiconductor’s SolarMagic Chipset Makes Solar Panels “Smarter” (Press Photo)
April 29, 2010 National Semiconductor's Power Management-based SolarMagic Technology Receives Industry Honors
March 18, 2010 National Semiconductor Named EDN Innovation Awards Finalist in Four Categories
December 2, 2009 National Semiconductor’s SolarMagic Power Optimizer Wins Renewable Energy Design Award at 2009 Elektra Awards
October 27, 2009 Solmetric PV Designer Software Calculates Shade Adjusted Output
October 26, 2009 National Semiconductor Expands SolarMagic Global Distribution Network
October 19, 2009 National Semiconductor to Speak at Solar Power International about Current Limitations of PV Systems and Challenges of International Expansion
September 17, 2009 Wall Street Journal Names SolarMagic Power Optimizer Runner-Up for 2009 Technology Innovation Award (Press Photo)
July 29, 2009 National Semiconductor Selects Solco Choice Electric to Distribute SolarMagic Power Optimizers in Australia
July 13, 2009 SolarMagic Retrofit of Affordable Housing Project Increases Energy Harvest by 22.6 Percent
June 21, 2009 National Semiconductor Launches SolarMagic Power Optimizers in Japan
June 21, 2009 National Semiconductor and West Holdings Collaborate to Promote SolarMagic Power Optimizers in Japan
May 28, 2009 National Semiconductor and SunEdison Initiate Trials to Optimize Output of Solar Arrays
May 27, 2009 National Semiconductor and Suntech Collaborate on SolarMagic Technology for PV Systems
May 27, 2009 National Semiconductor’s SolarMagic Wins Intersolar Award
May 27, 2009 HaWi Field Trial Shows SolarMagic Recoups Over 54 Percent of Lost Energy in Solar Arrays
May 27, 2009 National Semiconductor Launches SolarMagic Power Optimizers in Europe, North America (Press Photo)
May 26, 2009 SolarMagic Power Optimizer Passes Rigorous Testing for Reliability, Durability
May 14, 2009 Solmetric to Develop Photovoltaic Layout and Estimation Software Tool for SolarMagic Power Optimizers
April 29, 2009 SolarMagic Receives Worldwide Compliance Certifications
March 19, 2009 National Semiconductor Acquires Act Solar, Extending Its Solar Energy Efficiency and Management Capabilities
March 05, 2009 National Semiconductor Innovation Recoups Over 50 Percent of Solar Power Lost Due to Shade
February 23, 2009 Solar Installers See Shade As Deal Killer for PV, Survey Shows
June 30, 2008 National Semiconductor Enters Photovoltaic Market with Technology That Maximizes Solar Energy Production (Press Photo)

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October 17-20, 2011 Solar Power International - Dallas, Texas

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